Private Lessons & Day Training


We offer professional private lessons for people who’d like to learn the art of clicker training. We’ll teach you the basics of clicker training, how to train polite, basic behaviors, and how to solve behavior problems — all with the clicker.

Our goal is to provide you with the skills necessary to become a positive reinforcement trainer yourself.  We will be your guides as you learn a new, entirely positive way of interacting and training your animal – we look forward to to working with you!

Our base rate is $60/hour for lessons held in the Lake Placid, Keene/Keene Valley, Saranac Lake, and Tupper Lake region. We also offer lessons in Vermont in the regions around Middlebury and Rutland.

Our travel rate for communities outside of these areas is 25 cents/mile.

*By the way, if you’re looking for some dog socialization during your private lessons, we have our own dogs to help out.  We can usually start introducing them by the third lesson (after you’ve learned the basic clicker mechanical skills and taught your dog a few behaviors).*

Private Lesson Packages and Discounts:

Introductory Package of 6 In-Person One Hour Lessons: $310.00

This package includes:

The six lessons should be completed over a two month period.  We recommend at least one lesson/week for best results! **

**BONUS:  We know it takes effort to train and be prepared for your lessons.  So, we have a bonus for you:  for anyone who completes your 6 lessons within the 2 month period, we’ll give you a $25 gift certificate for either the Bookstore Plus or the local pet store in Lake Placid, Man and Beast.  If for any reason these options won’t work for you, we can make up another special gift certificate!**

Single Additional Private Lesson once the Introductory Package is complete: $45/hour

Intermediate to Advanced Package (3+ Lessons): $135.00 ($45/hour lesson)

This package includes extra material such as study handouts, and email/phone support in between lessons.

**For best results, we recommend scheduling package lessons around once/week.**


If you don’t have time to become a clicker trainer yourself, treat your animal to professional training lessons while you are at work! We offer positive reinforcement day training for dogs, horses, cats and other animals at affordable rates. We’ll start by working on basic behaviors in and around your house &/or farm. We’ll spend time showing you what your animal has learned at your convenience. We’ll go as far as you like with the training – we’ll even guide your animal through the challenges of more distracting situations away from the home.

Day Training is provided in packages as animals will need multiple lessons to understand clicker training and achieve certain behaviors. We like to start with at least six lessons (each at least an hour) over two weeks.

Note:  We are offering Day Training in the Adirondack region (Saranac Lake, Lake Placid, Keene/Keene Valley, Elizabethtown) — please contact us for details!

Day Training Packages and Discounts:

Introductory Day Training Package (6 lessons over 3 weeks): $310 (includes the same material as the above Introductory Lesson Package)
Single Additional Day Training Lesson: $45
Additional Set of Day Training Lessons (3 lessons over 3 weeks): $135 ($45/hour lesson)


We only use positive reinforcement training as specified by the Karen Pryor Clicker Training certification program. This means we will never use force, punishment, negative pressure (physically or verbally) in any part of our training with your animals. Instead, we focus entirely on the behaviors we’d like to see your animal accomplish, help them understand how to perform them, and provide them with lots of positive incentive. We find the animals love this approach as much as we do!

Cocoa learns how to stand calmly for mounting and dismounting – all with positive reinforcement methods only!