Welcome to Mountain Hooves & Paws!

We LOVE animals and love working with them.  We’re here to help you with your training needs.  For dogs, we can help you teach them basic manners, scent trailing, agility, trick training, camping skills, canoeing and boating skills, or other traveling skills.  If you have horses, we can help you teach them stress free trailer loading, foot handling skills, basic halter handling, saddle training, riding skills, trail riding skills, trail class skills, and agility.

We also work with other animals – let us know who you’d like to train and we can help you out!

We only use 100% positive methods – no pressure, no negative noises or gestures, no use of pain, and no use of punishment.

Kinna & Gene’s Commitment to Equality & Respect for Others:

Both Gene & Kinna desire to live in a world where humans are respected and treated equally by other humans regardless of their gender, skin color, and ethnic background.

Kinna & Gene also desire to live in a world where animals are respected for who they are and treated with compassion and dignity.

Gene & Kinna fully support the protection of wild areas on the planet as well as laws and regulations which minimize the human impacts on the earth. They believe humans should strive to live side by side with other species in a respectful and empathetic way.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Interested in Teaching Your Dog to Enjoy Canoeing?  We can help!

For more information, visit our class page: On The Water Boating Skills for Dogs

Why Clicker Train Your Horse? Watch Our New Video!

Please follow this link to see the video on Vimeo: Mountain Hooves & Paws Clicker Training.


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