Better Communication = Better Relationships

And better relationships = more enjoyment with your dog, cat, horse, or other companion animal!

We want you to enjoy the best life possible with your animal!  The key?  A fun training program that:

  • is developed by animal behaviorists and is science based
  • uses only positive reinforcement methods
  • develops clear and consistent communication
  • creates trusting partnerships
  • fosters willingness to work together
  • increases calm and lessens stress
  • is adaptable for each individual animal and his/her needs & challenges
  • and much more!
Teach your animal basic manners by enrolling in our private lesson package!
Interested in preparing your dog for Adirondack explorations? Try a series of private lessons or wait for our group lessons at our new training academy in the Spring of 2018!
Need help with your fearful or reactive dog or other animal? We have a great program to help your dog build confidence and stay “thinking” – not “reacting.”

CONTACT US for more information about training packages customized for your animal!

News:  Our New Training Academy will be opening in the Spring of 2018 – Here are some photos of the academy and our renovation work – feel welcome to scroll through!

Training Academy Renovations