Beginner Positive Reinforcement Training for Dogs

Dog_clicker_trainingThis is a great class to set you and your dog up for adventures! It’s an entry level reward-based marker training class which focuses on building communication and creating a stronger relationship with your dog. We will teach you the skills necessary for your dog to become a solid citizen. You and your dog are encouraged to work at your own level.

This class is also a wonderful way for “cross-over” dogs to learn the joys of positive-reinforcement training. The class will encourage them by focusing only on desired behaviors and ignoring any unwanted behaviors. Their confidence will increase as they realize they’re always rewarded for their attempts and never, ever punished!


Adirondacks: Keene / Keene Valley, Lake Placid
Vermont: Middlebury, Rutland

Program Schedule & Cost

Please contact us if you’re interested in starting up a group class!  We need at least 4 students to start a class.

Location:   Adirondacks or Vermont

Class Dates:  To be announced

Cost: Six weeks/$120 includes online tutorials

Register: Please call Kinna & Gene at 518-637-4857 or email them at to reserve your spot!

Outline of Program

We’ll cover basic behaviors of eye contact, the recall, loose leash walking, learning to settle on a mat, targeting, creative behaviors, stay/wait at levels your dog can handle.

All dogs will be kept on leash and separate from each other during class. This helps dogs who are socially nervous to feel comfortable learning in the presence of other dogs. This also helps social dogs concentrate on learning and realize that the presence of other dogs doesn’t always mean “let’s play!”


Although this is an entry level class, it’s best for dogs who can handle seeing other dogs & people in the vicinity without major stress. If your dog is highly reactive to other dogs or people, we recommend taking private lessons so you both can learn skills to lessen the reactivity and increase comfort.

That being said, we will work with you to provide visual barriers (such as a sheet draped over chairs) between your dog and others if he/she needs a learning space that’s protected.

Equipment List

For the 1st Class: This is a human only class where we learn the basics of clicker training with our fellow human classmates. We’ll supply the clickers and other training equipment.  You’ll also be able to practice with dogs who understand this method.

For the 2nd – 6th Classes: Please bring a dog bed or crate with padded bedding as most classes will be held in facilities with hard floors. Bringing your dog’s bed or crate will provide your dog with a safe “home base” to relax while other dogs are training, or the instructors are demonstrating training techniques. Please also bring a fold up chair or cushion for yourself.

Please also:
– Bring water for yourself and your dog
– Bring a 6 foot (minimum) flat webbed leash (or something similar) – in other words, no chained leashes as you’ll need something that slides nicely through your hand
– Have your dog equipped in a standard web buckle collar or harness – please, no prong collars or choke collars
– Bring TREATS! We recommend pea sized soft treats such as cut up cheese, cut up frankfurters, or commercial treats.
– Don’t forget to bring your clicker from the 1st class!


Please contact Kinna & Gene Ohman-Leone with any questions. Our email is and our phone is 802-247-4848. We look forward to hearing from you!