It’s Not Just About the Clicker!

I thought I’d review how clicker training is not just about the “clicker” but instead, about a philosophy of training.  This philosophy is based on treating our animal friends with respect, kindness, and keeping empathy for our animals high on our radar.  As a result, we make a few major choices with our training. 1.  […]

The Babysitter Wolf Uses Positive Approach to Teach Pups

This is an article written by US Fish & Wildlife biologist Cathy Curby and reprinted with permission from Cathy Curby. It’s a fascinating window into the lives of wolves and certainly parallels the work we’re doing here at Mountain Hooves & Paws. Enjoy! Good afternoon. My name is Cathy Curby, and I’m a wildlife biologist […]

Horse Trailer Training with Fun & Games!

It’s still new in the horse world to incorporate fun & games into training. So we decided to help change this! We’re getting “out there” to show the horse world how it’s possible to train horses with games. Why is trailer training a good place to start? Many horses only load in trailers because people […]

Vacation Time! Skills for Traveling with Your Dog

Good training is the basis for making your vacations fun for you and your animals!  You’ll need solid, reliable behaviors for everything from staying in hotels, to walking on beaches, to walking among tourists in a crowded village. For staying in hotels or inns — or even at campgrounds — you’ll need a strong attention […]

Nordic Skiing With a Great Recall!

A solid recall is key to enjoying the outdoors with your canines.  It’s not something which comes easily, but it is worth the hard (and fun) work! If you’re interested in building a reliable recall with your dog, consider contacting us.  We have developed a step by step recall program which will help your dog […]

Camping with Sole & Meeting up with Spirit

We’re around 8 months late with this post, but we wanted to share with you our experience placing two of our rescue horses at retirement homes.  Our first adventure was with Sole — he’s a agile Paso Fino in his mid 20s.  He was rather beat up in his earlier years by a combination of […]

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Calm & Confident After the Clicker

Both Benny & Flicka had difficult experiences with trailering before we adopted them. But, with consistent positive reinforcement training, both horses now consider the trailer a rewarding place to hang out! We recently took both Benny and Flicka to a horse trail in the Adirondacks. They performed beyond our dreams! Time and time again, we […]

Canine Fitness Training is FUN!

Here’s a fun video put together by Susan Garrett, champion agility handler from Canada and a highly accomplished teacher and trainer. If you need inspiration for your training, this video will provide it! And, as she points out, there are many behaviors which help dogs get into performance shape while they’re having fun! For more […]

Using Positive Training to Build Confidence

Sole is a rescued Paso Fino. When he first arrived, he had a hard time trusting we wanted him to relax and walk. Sole came from a situation where people would kick him to gait fast (Paso Finos are known for a natural gait between a walk and a trot), then hold him back with […]

Using Positive Training To Overcome Fear

This post is from June 2014 – We were just starting to learn how advanced clicker training is! We have been busy learning more and more about clicker training. It’s actually quite an advanced form of training. At first it seemed simple…”see a behavior you like, click, then give a reward such as food.” But […]

Teaching a Horse to Lead Calmly with a Target

Teaching an animal to touch a target is powerful not only for direct applications (i.e.: leading an animal from point A to point B) but also for indirect uses. In this video, I (Kinna) uses the target to help Sole walk calmly next to me. The target gives Sole something to think about. It turns […]

Pigs & Clicker Training

Around three years ago, Patti rescued an emaciated days old piglet. She named her Miss Charlotte. Now, thanks to Patti, Charlotte has a life full of compassion, love, good food, toys, and a secure shelter – and Patti is interested in adding even more to Charlotte’s life. Here is a video of the first clicker […]

Ken Ramirez Proves Dogs Can Count

Ken Ramirez, one of the top positive animal trainers in the world, is always exploring the intelligence of animals. He now knows that dogs are capable of counting (he’s probably always known this, he just had to develop a method to show everyone else!). Here’s his “teaser” video. He’ll be presenting his work at the […]