Click to Calm

Click to Calm is a specific approach to clicker training designed to help reactive animals.  Click to Calm was developed by master clicker trainer, Emma Parsons after she successfully helped her highly reactive golden retriever, Ben.  She now tours the world teaching Click to Calm and helping thousands of reactive animals.

The method works well with most animals and with most levels of reactivity — from nervousness to intense fear.

Both Kinna and Gene completed their training certification program with Emma, so have a strong professional relationship with her.  They have applied Click to Calm successfully to help dogs who have been reactive to people, dogs, household or environmental noises, or other disturbing stimuli.  They’ve also applied Click to Calm successfully with nervous and/or reactive horses – and more recently, with a cat who displayed reactivity towards people.

Here are a few testimonials from Mountain Hooves & Paws clients who are experiencing the effects of Click to Calm on their animals:

Dora did SO GOOD with my mom and Joseph on Saturday! It was amazing! She barely noticed them at all.  She paid attention to me from the first click when they pulled up in the driveway and while she did turn around to look at them often, she left them alone. I was sure to tell them to not interact with her and it all worked really, really well.
Thanks for your help, see you soon
P.S. this is SO exciting!!
~ Brye with her cat Dora who was often known to attack visitors
~ Brye’s goal is to have Dora be comfortable with visitors, so her family and friends are able to visit without being harassed by Dora!


Just an FYI – We have a houseguest this weekend, and we did the intro with a training session.  Khya is now totally cool with her  – no sudden moves of course but absolutely no aggression and very little anxiety.  Khya also has come in twice upon calling when the delivery man was dropping off a package.  AND when visiting my parents, she goes out to potty unleashed, and comes right back in.  I just give her a sample of the treat I will give her when she comes back in.  So,  everything is really extending to real life situations.  I can’t wait to start in the community!
~ Cori with her Mastiff Khya who could become out of control in her reaction to strangers
~ Cori’s goal for Khya is to be calm and enjoy activities such as camping (and even just walking!) in public areas

Please contact Gene and Kinna for more information or to schedule a consultation.